I am an EMCC educated coach with international management and training experience and a thorough understanding of corporate life.

You will be encouraged to look at situations from various angles.

I can also be your sounding board or sparring partner, enabling you to express your thoughts in a private and confidential environment.


Honest and constructive conversations require a connection between you and your coach. Trust is critical.

Our first meeting, when we discuss your requirements and goals, gives you the opportunity to see whether I am the right coach for you.

Further to this conversation I design and propose a customized program, addressing your specific needs.


When participating in a program, most people have the best intentions of applying what they have learned in their work or life.  It often turns out to be difficult to apply new skills or knowledge, and keeping it going can be even harder.

My programs are also available on a modular basis, allowing you to implement what you have learned step-by-step, over a longer period of time. This enables you to return and share your experience, ask for further guidance in embedding the new practices, and helps you achieve long lasting changes for the better.


My programs are designed to create positive changes in behavior and performance, both in the workplace and everyday life.

Evaluation: During the program and after completion, I invite you to provide feedback, discuss progress and evaluate the delivery as well as the impact of the program.

 Programs are run in English or Dutch, at your location or off-site.
Individual coaching can also be provided remotely through Skype.

“Frank is asking questions to draw out more insights and gets me to recognize the impact of my behaviour and what I can do about it”.

 (Vice President of Human Resources)